Dory Ventures LLC is a closely held private equity
advisory and service firm working with branded
consumer goods businesses around the world.
We have extensive experience in corporate distress
situations, workouts and restructurings. Our investment
and advisory activities include complex real estate
special situations and alternative investments.

We are often contrarian and always value-oriented.
We enable businesses to operate in an integrated manner,
capitalizing upon integrated platforms, sharing synergies
and geographic access around the globe. Our strategies
are based on basic organic growth of the underlying
businesses we support – we do not believe in growth
through mergers and acquisitions.

We are a strategic firm with a long investment horizon,
a belief in operational excellence, an understanding
for a global marketplace, whilst doggedly focused
on embracing change, continuous improvement
and technology.

We believe that all of what we do and how we practice
distinguishes us in our work.


The Maclaren Vision is to be
“the ultimate lifestyle parenting brand,
desired now and forever by parents who expect the best”...

LaserPerformance is the world’s leading and largest
producer of small sailboats. We are also the leading
sponsor and supporter of dinghy sailing, including...
For nearly 200 years,  Albert Thurston has been
synonymous with the unrivalled craftsmanship of
the world’s best braces and suspenders for
formal wear and leisure...
The Ronson Brand name is world renowned
as being synonymous with expertly engineered
products having unique and innovative designs and
offering the consumer a desirable quality product...
Scion & Stock uses the “roots” or the intrinsic
qualities of existing conditions, whether a site, a building,
or a neighbourhood to “graft on” new life to a project...
Dory Designs is a creative agency with
multi-disciplinary expertise in branding and identity. 
Serving a specific base of clients Dory Designs provides
end to end creative support...
We strive to engage, challenge and inspire our teams across the globe.
We are committed to team building and developing talent by providing opportunities to grow.
Our people bring passion, enthusiasm and pride to their work.
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